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Logic Puzzle

Where is that lighter?
Logic Puzzle

As Miss Nozemoke entered the interview room, her host told her to keep eye contact with Mr. Lighter, since he would be the one making the final decision in her case. "However," he continued, "the men routinely change positions, but I can give you some clues that you can use to figure out who is sitting where." Miss Nozemoke mentally numbered the men 1 to 4 from left to right and used the clues to figure out where Mr. Lighter was seated.

Can you figure out where Mr. Lighter is sitting?


  • The pipe smoker will sit to the right of Mr. Lighter.
  • Mr. Crumpet does not smoke cigarettes.
  • Neither Mr. Crumpet nor Mr. Tray will sit in the third position.
  • The cigarette smoker will sit to the immediate left of Mr. Small.
  • Mr. Crumpet will not smoke cigars.
  • The cigarette smoker is just to the right of the cigar smoker.
  • The cigar smoker is sitting on the end.


Logic Puzzle Answer


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