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Ministry Shuffle

Editor's Note: Of course, none of this would happen in the current political climate, but in days gone by, things were different. (Ha!)

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Bet you would have loved this backyard roller coaster when you were a kid.

After the election of 1987, the Prime Minister quickly appointed his cronies (Massy, Likable, Pudge, Rank and Upperhand), to the top five ministry positions of Travel, Spending, Entertainment, Conciliation and Adjustments (NOT necessarily in that order). Massy was appointed as the Minister of Travel.

It was soon clear that none of them were fit for the assigned job, so a reshuffle occurred in 1988. Massy became minister of Adjustments.

After the Great Ice Cream Scandal, another reshuffle occurred in 1989. Massy now became the Minister of Conciliation, Upperhand became the Minister of Entertainment. Rank took the job held by Pudge in 1988.

But not much improved, so in 1990, they reshuffled again. Rank replaced Pudge as Minister of Spending,

But the Artichoke Affair of 1991 stirred up the pot again. Rank succeeded Likable.

So in 1992, each statesman has now held each office mentioned. Going into 1992, who holds which office?

Get the answer to Ministry Shuffle.

Thanks to: Martin Hollis


What Month Is It?

If you add together the date of the last Monday of last month and the first Thursday of next month, the result is 38. Both dates are in the same year.

What is the current month?

Get the answer to What Month Is It?.

Adapted from Hard-to-Solve Brainteasers by Jamie and Lea Poniachik


Cryptic Math

Solve this mathematical equation.

Each letter stands for a unique digit. There are no leading zeros.


Get the answer to Cryptic Math.

From Madachy's Mathematical Recreations


Fishy Weddings

Six members of a fishing club decided to have a triple wedding. As is the tradition with fisherman, they weighed the catches (the brides). But the brides argued that they were not the ones being caught, so they weighed the grooms, too. This resulted in six different numbers, but, surprisingly, the combined weight of each couple was the same.

Mary weighed the most. Her weight plus Toby's was less than Tim's plus Gena's.

Toby's weight plus Gena's was the same as Henry's plus Jessie's.

Who married whom?

Get the answer to Fishy Weddings.

New Scientist


Word Picture

Can you figure out what this picture is saying?

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Get the answer to this Word Picture.



How Old Are They?

If Frank and Sam total their ages, the answer is 49.

Frank is twice as old as Sam was when Frank was as old as Sam is now.

How old are Frank and Sam?

Get the answer to How Old Are They?

Inspired by Gary S. Spring


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