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What's the Best Aftershave?

Logic Puzzles

Scent and Scent, the makers of Grunge aftershave claim and really believe that women find it irresistible. They are surprised that anyone still uses Jazz aftershave. So they decide to do a little market research. They hire the firm of Frey and Frey who sends out their best researcher, Claire. Claire gets on a bus and interviews the men riding it.

The first man says, "I use Grunge." After him, the rest of the men in turn say, "I use Grunge, but the man you just interviewed uses Jazz." After interviewing all the men, the first one said, "The last man you interviewed uses Jazz."

Claire was confused, so she asked some of the men how many of the male passengers used Jazz.

The tallest man said, "19."

The man she had originally interviewed fourth after him said, "24."

The fattest man said, "13."

The man she had originally interviewed fifth after him said, "28."

The nicest man said, "24."

The man she had originally interviewed sixth after him said, "13."

If each man uses either Grunge or Jazz, and only Grunge users tell the truth, how many men use Jazz?

Inspired by Martin Hollis.

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