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How Many Knights?

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In chess, a knight moves two squares in one direction and one square in another direction, ending up on the diagonally opposite corner of a 2 x 3 grid. Intervening squared can be occupied.

Find the maximum number of knights which can be placed on an 8 x 8 chess board so that so that no knight threatens another knight (can move into a square occupied by one of the other knights).

What is the placement of the knights on the board?

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Mapping Puzzle

Take a map and connect each town shown on it to its nearest (as the crow flies) neighboring town using a straight line segment. Assume that each different pair of towns is a different distance apart. What is the maximum number of towns that any one town can be connected to?

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Five Cube Calendar

There are five cubes which together can be used to display any day of the year in the form 21MAY.

The first two cubes contain the dates. Each face has a digit. The 6 also fills in for the 9. Arrange these two cubes can make any date from 01 to 31. Also, for one cube, the sum of the digits is a perfect square.

The remaining three cubes have a letter on each face. There are no repeats. They can be arranged so that the front faces display the first three letters of each month, except August which is displayed as VAC since so many people are on vacation during that month.

What other digits are on the same cube as the 6? What other letters are on the same cube as the E?

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