Logic Puzzle AnswerHalf the people you know are below average.
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Logic Puzzle Answer

This is the solution to one of our logic puzzles. There are several other puzzles for you to try to solve. Please click to see all our logic puzzles.

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There are 28 Jazz users.

If you assume the first man interviewed uses Grunge, you know that there is an even number of men on the bus and every odd man interviewed uses Grunge. Then you can tell that the tallest and nicest men interviewed must be liars and that the number of Jazz users cannot be 19, 24 or 13.

That means that the fattest man interviewed is also a liar and that the man interviewed fifth after him is telling the truth and uses Grunge. Then the number of Jazz users is 28.

If you assume the first man interviewed used Jazz, using the same reasoning gives the same answer.


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