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Apples and Oranges Logic Puzzle

Who likes apples and who likes oranges in this logic puzzle?

In the village of Pennsville, Pennsylvania, everyone likes either apples or oranges. No one likes both. If you ask the people living there, each man will tell you that his sister likes apples. Each woman will tell you that her husband likes apples. How many like oranges?

Mrs. Schmall says 100 inhabitants like oranges. Her sister-in-law, Lucille, would tell you that 80 men like apples. Mr. Keller would say that 80 women like apples. His sister's husband's sister would say that 80 men like oranges. Mrs. Rice's brother would say that 4/5 of the men like apples. And Mrs. Rice herself would say that 80 women like oranges.

Everyone in Pennsville is married to only one other inhabitant who, of course, is not his or her brother or sister. Every man has only one sister. Every woman has only one brother. All the sisters and brothers live in Pennsville.

Everyone who likes oranges always tells the truth. No one who likes apples ever tells the truth.

What is the total population?

Thanks to Martin Hollis.

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