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Bird Watchers Disagreement Logic Puzzle

Bird Watchers Disagreement Logic Puzzle

The King County Bird Watchers Association (KINGCOBWA) decided it was time to have a party to celebrate the sighting of the season's first robin. Some of the attendees were:

  • Vicki
  • Vicki's husband Fred
  • Vicki and Fred's son Wally
  • Vicki and Fred's daughter Chloe
  • Vicki's brother, Don

Unfortunately, a dispute arose as to whether or not these early robins would, in fact, resort to eating berries if an early spring snow storm covered the ground and made it impossible for them to find worms. This dispute escalated to the point where one of the above mentioned partygoers was shot by another one of the above mentioned!

The police investigation uncovered these facts:

A man and a woman were at the piano.

  • The victim and the shooter were in the kitchen.
  • Either Wally or Chloe was outside (looking for robins).
  • Fred and his wife were not together.
  • The victim's twin was not the shooter.
  • The shooter was younger than the victim.

Who dunnit to whom?

From New Scientist

Click for the answer to this logic puzzle.


These birdwatchers have a disagreement. Can you figure out who dunnit in this logic puzzle?
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