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Logic Puzzle Answer

Here is the answer to one of our logic puzzles. There are several other puzzles for you to enjoy. Please click to see all our logic puzzles.

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How Old Are They - Answer

The ages of Angie, Betty, Charlotte and Denise are 23, 64, 26 and 69 and their house numbers are 16, 71, 19 and 62 respectively.

Betty is 64, if she is truthful, or any odd age other than 27 if she is a liar. So Denise's first statement is a lie and Denise is a liar. Therefore, Charlotte lives at house number 19 and is 26 years old and is truthful.

Angie's house number is 16, she is 23 and she is a liar. Betty's house number is odd, therefore, she must be truthful and her age is 64.

Denise's age is a multiple of Angie's age. Therefore, Denise must be 69 and she must live at number 62 to be a lower house number than Betty's.

Betty must live at house number 71.


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