Logic Puzzle AnswerWhat happens if you get scared half to death twice?
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Logic Puzzle Answer

This is the answer to one of our logic puzzles. We have several other puzzles to enjoy. Please click to find all our logic puzzles.

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Math Test Scores - Answer

The order of grades from highest to lowest was Dallas, Aaron, Edgar, Carl and Benjamin.

Since no one predicted their own grade

  • Statement (1) was made by Aaron or Dallas.
  • Statement (2) was made by Benjamin or Edgar.
  • Statement (3) was made by Benjamin or Dallas.
  • Statement (4) was made by Aaron or Carl.
  • Statement (5) was made by Dallas or Edgar.
  • Therefore (4) must have been made by Carl and (1) by Aaron.

Assume Aaron is at the top. Then the order would be Aaron > Carl > Benjamin > Edgar. But then no possibility for Dallas results in three False-True and one False-False for the other statements. Therefore, Aaron cannot be at the top.

A similar line of reasoning shows that Carl is not at the top, also that neither Aaron nor Carl is at the bottom.

Therefore, the only possibilities are

  • Benjamin top, Edgar bottom
  • Edgar top, Benjamin bottom
  • Dallas top, Benjamin bottom
  • (Since a boy has the bottom grade, Dallas can't be bottom.)

Trial and error will show that only the above answer results in one True-True, three True-False and one False-False.


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