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Seven Monks Logic Puzzle

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On top of Mount Dilemma sits the monastery of Grand Enigma. Seven of the monks are on a diet of bread and water. Each of them has confessed to a different pair of deadly sins. And each sin has claimed a pair of victims; each pair is different.

Cornelius, Edmund and Ferdinand have no sin which is common to any two of them. (There are no repeated sins among them.)

You will find all seven sins among Bartholomew, Demetrius, Edmund and Geoffrey.

Augustus and Geoffrey have admitted to sloth.

Demetrius and Edmund have admitted to lust.

Pride is not a sin of Augustus.

Avarice is not a sin of Bartholomew.

Neither pride nor intemperance is a sin of Ferdinand.

Anger is not a sin of Demetrius.

Cornelius admits to anger. He has a different sin in common with Demetrius.

The seventh sin is envy.

List the two sins of each monk.

Thanks to Martin Hollis

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