How can the coach have the best chance of picking the tallest basketball player in the logic puzzle?Half the people you know are below average.
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Tallest Basketball Player Logic Puzzle

Logic Problems

Coach Makemshoot has one basketball scholarship left. He's just heard of a family with four boys who are all great basketball players. He's never seen them play, but his scouts assure him that all four play equally well. With no more knowledge available to him, he decides that he wants to give the scholarship to the tallest boy. But their parents do not want to show any favoritism.

The parents agree to have the boys exit the house, one at a time and let Coach Makemshoot pick the one he wants. He has to make an immediate decision on whether or not to offer the scholarship to that boy.

If the coach uses his best strategy, what is the probability of him offering the scholarship to the tallest boy? Assume he can tell whether the boy is taller or shorter than the other boys he's seen.

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