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Who is Married to Whom? Logic Puzzle

Who is married to whom in this logic puzzle?

In the town of Oomagoggen, all the married people lie all the time. All the single people tell the truth all the time.

Tennis is a popular pastime in Oomagoggen. One day three women and three men decided to play. There were two couples and two single people among them.

If you asked Chuck whether Ben is married to Tess, he would say, "Zaat."

If you asked Pam if she is married to Chuck, she would say, "Zaat."

If you asked Jimmy if he is married to Rose, he would say, "Zoot."

If you knew enough about the local language to know whether "Zaat" means "Yes" and "Zoot" means "No" or visa versa, you could figure out who is married to whom.

Can you figure it out?

From New Scientist

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