Figure out the keyless entry number from these randomly generated numbers in this math puzzle.62.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.
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Keyless Entry Math Puzzle

Figure out the keyless entry number from these randomly generated numbers in this math puzzle.

Diana was admiring the output of her new program to generate random numbers. She had printed out the first ten numbers of the results. She soon noticed something interesting. Each of the 10 numbers had exactly one digit, in the proper placement, of the 5 digit code she used to open her car door without a key.

In the first number 14073, for example, Diana's car code could not be 34170 (two digits correctly placed) or 92365 (none).

Find Diana's car entry code from these first 10 randomly generated numbers:


Adapted from a math puzzle by Mark Hollis.

Click to find the answer to this math puzzle.


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