New Phone Number Math PuzzleBlack holes are where God divided by zero.
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New Phone Number Math Puzzle

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Mr. Meek has a new phone number and he loves it because the extension (last four digits) has the middle two digits the same, just like his name.

The repeated digit also happens to be the same as the first digit of Mr. Humble's new extension.

And the first digit of Mr. Meek's extension is the same as the first digit of Mr. Lowly's new extension.

If you exchange the first and last digits of Mr. Lowly's number, you get Mr. Humble's number.

If you subtract Mr. Lowly's number from Mr. Humble's, you get Mr. Meek's.

What is Meek's new number?

Adapted from New Scientist.

Click to find the answer to this math puzzle.


What is Mr. Meek's new phone number is this math puzzle?


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