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Math Puzzle Answer

This is the solution to one of our math puzzles. There are several other puzzles for you to try to figure out. Please click to find all of our math puzzles.


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Dominoes - Answer

The 136 dominoes have a total of 2,040 dots. Eight of them each have fifteen dots (0-15, 1-14, 2-13…7-8).

The remaining dominoes can be paired so that each pair has 30 dots, for example (2-7 and 8-13).

Thus 136 (15) = 2,040.

Another solution:

The 136 dominoes contain 272 numbers. Each number appears 272/16 = 17 times. And the number of dots is 17 (0 + 1 + 2 … + 15) = 2,040.


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