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How Old Are They Logic Puzzle

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Angie, Betty, Charlotte and Denise all live in different houses on Maple Lane.

Curiously, the age of each one is either seven greater or seven less than the number of her house. All of them are over 15 years old and less than 90. All the ages are different.

  • Angie said the number of Betty's house was even.
  • Betty said that the number of her house was greater than Denise's. And she added that her age is a perfect cube.
  • Charlotte said that her house number was greater by 3 than Angie's house number. She added that Denise's age was an exact multiple of Angie's age.
  • Denise said that Betty's age was either 27 or an even number other than 64. Then he added that Charlotte does not live at number 19.

As you may expect, those statements were not all true. Anyone living at an even numbered house made all false statements. Anyone living at an odd number house made all true statements.

What are the women's ages and their house numbers?

From Brain Puzzler's Delight by E.R. Emmet

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