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Math Test Scores Logic Puzzle

How did these students score in this math test logic puzzle?

The teacher of an advanced math class graded the test, but before she gave them back to the five students in the class, she asked them to predict how well the other four students did on the test, but not to predict their own performance.

The teacher received these five pairs of statements. Each pair was made by a different student.

(1) Benjamin did better than Edgar. Carl did better than Benjamin.

(2) Dallas did better than Carl. Aaron did better than Dallas.

(3) Edgar did better that Aaron. Carl did better than Edgar.

(4) Benjamin did better than Edgar. Dallas did better than Benjamin.

(5) Carl did better than Benjamin. Aaron did better than Carl.

The student who had the highest grade was correct with both statements.

The boy who came in last was wrong on both statements.

The other students had one correct and one incorrect prediction.

Rank the students from the highest to the lowest grade. There were no ties.

Inspried by Martin Hollis in New Scientist

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