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Never-Always Land Logic Puzzle

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Three tribes live on a remote island in the archipelago of Never-Always Land. The Greenies always tell the truth. The Fishmongers never tell the truth. The Wishy-Washies alternate telling the truth and lying with their statements alternating true and false or false and true.

The world renowned explorer, Sammy Schoonover, landed on the island and questioned the natives, Tom, Dick and Harry.

Tom, to which tribe do you belong?

I'm a Greenie.

Dick, to which tribe do you belong?

I'm a Fishmonger.

Was Tom telling the truth?


Harry, to which tribe do you belong?

I'm a Greenie.

To which tribe does Tom belong?

Tom's a Wishy-Washie.

To which tribe does each native belong?

Thanks to Brain Puzzler's Delight by E.R. Emmet

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